"Dfinity is well founded for the next 3 years..."

I was watching a recent interview to Jan Camenisch (CTO at dfinity). He mentioned that the Foundation has funds to grow “quiet a bit for the following 2 years” and “It is well founded for the next 3 years and then let’s see what comes…”:

Minute 39: https://twitter.com/klever_io/status/1514604508424425472?s=20&t=CVVWV6CR3OiaTadZd7OD9w

That make me wonder about what will happen after 3 years. I personally think is a bit too optimist to assume the foundation can just delegate the project development/maintanance/support/growth effort after just 3 years to the community.
Maybe this has been explained but I cannot recall where/when/how. Could you guys shed some light on what will happen with the Dfinity Foundation after 3 years? what role is expected to play the Foundation? How Dfinity is going to be economically maintained?