Dfinance wallet How to withdraw ICP?

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Так 1.
Был создан кошелек на Dfinance .Не доступен уже.
2. Перевел туда монеты и они там просто лежали.
3. Есть сид и пароль( в Plag и Sonic при вводе другой адрес и баланс 0.
4. Вроде произошел ребрендинг DFinance в sonic.
Кто может помочь??? уже есть кто откликнулся спасибо но может еще кто знает.


please tell me there was a Dfinace wallet and now it is not there, there were funds there, there is a seed phrase, where to look? coins


I do have a more general question…
Consider there was a service XYZ and I used it to store tokens/ICP, authenticating via Internet Identity.

How do I withdraw from XYZ if it stopped existing and developers are unresponsive?

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Hi! I have the same problem - can’t get my tokens ICP from old web wallet “ICP Dfinance”!!! Help me please. My web wallet with my ICP tokens on this adress: “app.dfinance.ai/#/wallet” not working. Last time i opened it in march 2023. New official web wallets from website shows 0 balance tokens with my anchor number.
what i need to do to get my ICP tokens again?


You can try to contact Sonic team, the dfinance team is actully changed to sonic. As far as I know, 1). at the beginning, they called dfinance. 2). But later they were purchased by psychedelic. 3). But not too long after 2), psychedelic sold to memecake, I don’t know if the original team is still there or not.


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We cannot help you with the Dfinance walllet. It does not belong to us and we do not support it. This is Sonic’s answer in discord

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Сергей доброго времени суток, я столкнулся с такой же проблемой как и вы. Соник не может конкретно ответить на этот вопрос. Получилось ли у вас как-то решить эту проблему? Свяжитесь со мной в телеграм - @Molodoezlo123

I have a same problem guys do u now how to get our monney???

Conversation with Sonic support :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

  1. We cannot help in this. We do not handle Dfinance. Its a totally different project

  2. [23:07]

Dfinance is a wallet project. It was not acquired by Sonic and we do not now how to resolve this issue.

Maybe could ask the dfinity team if they know the original team.

I have same concern that I had been raised in this cross thread:

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Сегодня как раз только что вывел от туда все свои ICP с app.dfinance.ai
Он не работал около 9 месяцев, может и дольше. Сегодня зашел туда, о чудо, он снова заработал. Может они его снова врубили потому что многие просиди? Попробуйте сейчас вывести!

Today I have just withdrawn all my ICPs from there ap.dfinance.ai
It hasn’t worked for about 9 months, maybe longer. Today I went there, lo and behold, the service is working again. Maybe they turned it on again because a lot of people were asking them about the problem? You can try to withdraw you funds it now!


Thanks everyone, the problem was solved together with Romeo.

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