[Dart/Flutter]agent_dart updates v0.1.7

Hi eveyone.

We are making a dart/flutter version of agent library for Internet Computer. Dart and Flutter devs can use it to build either mobile wallets, Stand-alone/fusion Dapps powered by canisters, or even backend service.

We have published to




Current version is 0.1.7, we will update latest features and changes in this post.

Here are core features in this package:

  • agent, core library, with crypto and encoding/decoding methods , http call/query encapsulated, for interacting with canister.

  • auth_client, a popup window for flutter, used for getting authentication from Identity provider(eg, Internet Identity).

  • authentication, a library supports auth_client

  • candid, candid library, used for encoding/decoding candid data types, and used them in dart-lang.

  • principal, principal library, used for generate principal for many usage cases.

  • protobuf, protobuf library, used for interacting with rosetta-node in submit/query transaction

  • utils, common utils, including useful helpers like extension methods in dart.

  • wallet, wallet library, signer, rosetta, key-smith all-in-one library.


  • IMPORATANT Use blsSync instead of async isolation, to fix memory leak in rust-dart-ffi interop


  • Fix cbordecode in the Delegation

  • Apply rosetta-api to current docker specs


  • BREAKING remove ICPSigner.fromPrivatekey and added ICPSigner.fromSeed

  • Won’t support import privatekey to signer anymore, may separate different signer, eg: Secp256k1Signer or SchnorrSigner in the future supporting different coin specs.


  • added sourceType of II, plugWallet, keysmith with different settings since they use different derivePath to generate seed

  • added Signer.importPhrase to use settings above

  • added related tests


  • fix delegation request sign and request_id


  • fix delegation chain transformRequest


  • fix error decoding

  • follow agent-js latest features

  • fix readme