Cycles wallet log-in gives a dfx command that will not run

I’m trying to view my cycle wallet from a web browser. This canister is old. It was created about 1 year ago. I used to have a principal ID authorized to view the cycles balance, but it appears that I need to re-authorize my principal to view the cycles balance.

When I go to the web page “https://[canister-ID]” I am presented with this prompt.

When I copy the command and input it into my terminal I get this:

I can run the command without the “–no-wallet” in the command and it will return “()” However, that does not allow me to access the webpage with the principal that I’ve given. My only suspicion is that since this is an old canister that the command was changed somewhere along the line, but this canister gives the wrong information. I’m a bit of a simpleton when it comes to stuff like this so anything will help. Thank you.

I think that is from an outdated version of the wallet canister. Can you run `dfx wallet --network ic upgrade’? Then it should display the correct command.

The correct command will simply drop --no-wallet from the command.

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This solved it! Thank you!

Side note: after upgrading the wallet, my principal ID that was required to be authorized changed after updating the wallet. This must have been why I couldn’t authenticate.

Thanks again!

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