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While it will be the Governments of the world that hold organizations and individuals responsible for all content on the WEB3, we should then also hold the Government responsible for identifying those making the choice that the content they wish to be viewed is acceptable and not punishable by their Governments in their regions and they don’t break any laws across borders.

We who like to cross borders must have a passport and that passport contains personal information about the person that is held by the Government.

ICP should also create a Neuron that contains the passport number that is verified by the Country of origin and by their government.

Those who wish to challenge their right to post prohibited or false fee content can have their content flagged to the Government department by viewers of a page for immediate action that is needed to be taken with the ability to detain the flagged content by the Government.

There should also be a holding fee for each government flagged content that is returned on successful convictions or given to the author if found innocent.

This also extends the ICP to be a token of value and not just for cycles. The idea is that you need to sign up, create a membership or a website owner and instead of providing all your personal details all over the world. The Government of your country is the only authority that has your personal information and the rest of the world has your Neuron ID.

If you want to add content to the IC then you have your neuron attached and your passport can then identify you by only the government of your country and the laws that you must abide by or be prosecuted through the local laws.

This also extends the ability to make payments from your neuron and transactions that have been unlawfully extorted will have their neuron for dispute and local authority punishment.

Do you really want a secure web and as the IC is it’s own community then we can set the laws through the NNS and show the world we are the right way and have the answers.


Absolutely against this. Anonimity is very important for the safety of users. Maybe you trust your government wholeheartedly, but consider the fact that there are repressive governments who do not respect human rights, and that even if your own government is “trustable” now, it can TURN repressive in the future.


You need to go take some history lesson and look at the current state of the world if you trust governments this much


Good idea or lets look at current stories of island and tribal lopping heads off, Russia -Ukraine war is not a government it is what you want and then there is something worse coming. Stable country’s have governments and you want the stone ages.

I didn’t say I trusted governments I said, we should then also hold the Government responsible I never said,repressive governments who do not respect human rights you put words in my mouth.

Is it better to break down what we already have and make it work or go back to the stones ages. I have a great Government where I am and yes I do not trust them but it is much better than most countries.

There seems to be some misunderstanding about what a Government is.

In my country there are no soldiers in the street, no guns held by citizens and if I am rude to the police or Government officials I am not beaten or worse.

My Government listens to the people, allows crypto and all I have to do is pay tax on gains.

It seems that some seem to think A repressive government is one that restricts people’s freedom and controls them by using force. you give them that power by your own words because I call them cowards and takers of life, not a Government.

There are many countries that have Governments that work well without repression and we can have the system that I outlined that will be the envy of the world.

What we do see and in our own NNS is citizens that spam and others who take our information and use it against us and state that it is their right. That is being repressive.

My Government and many others will be held responsible if we hold them responsible and they on our say so will protect our information and themselves be accountable if they do not protect our information by us the people.

Stop giving power to those who only want to control and harm you and stand up for the parts of the human race that have learnt from the past that war achieves nothing and great civilizations came about after the wars stopped and through proper Governments.

Long time lurker that creates an account just to say how against this I am. Very bad idea.


If governments feel there’s a problem on the network, they should submit a governance proposal. Now wouldn’t that be fun?

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Fair enough but I want to break this idea down a little more.

The Proper Governments have your details already and if you travel they issue you with a passport. I have a proper Government passport and have Crypto.

My government asks me what crypto I have as they don’t know, nor do they have my Neuron ID, nor does the neuron have my personal details.

How is this a bad idea?

If a neuron holder breaks the law then the Organization who has content that is forbidden by public standards which is what proper Governments hold up for their citizens that flag that content is taken down and then the Government by law has to request the neuron passport ID from the public organization which is then put through the public court system for prosecution.

What we have now is our personal information scattered all over the world and with criminals.

Everyday my friends are receiving text messages from liars and thieves who could not do this if they only had my neuron details as my username and password.

My Government does not speak for me but as a citizen I try to change things for the better with crypto projects and have not requested their approval, they instead have let their citizens invest into crypto projects without prosecution and have accepted that a huge majority feel that it is their right and just watch and have at no time threaten me.

It is not the Government who should submit a governance proposal but it is my right as an IC Neuron holder.

To cite a potential specific example, a teenage Iranian blogs on an IC platform in favour of the current protests in her country and about participating in demonstrations against restrictive laws. According to you, the IC should help the Iranian government identify and punish the blogger?

I’m happy your government is so caring and progressive, unfortunately not everyone in the world has the same luxury.

kvic, I’m wondering why you, having such a good government, are interested in web3.
I am not from the Western world.
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been amplifying the Western voice and silencing anyone who opposes them through content moderation.
Therefore, they are blocked in our country.
YouTube didn’t moderate the content, but it turned off monetization in my country, removing the incentive for bloggers to post content. (Youtube is not blocked)
My hope is that decentralized social networks will give everyone the opportunity to speak. Both worlds will be able to hear each other.

Again No, you have put words in my mouth but interesting you don’t wish to listen or think about my idea while what you said is going on and maybe a way for this not to happen. How and why would IC collaborate and who on the world stage would agree to release that personal information.

Nothing is perfect and I am happy that the Government is better here than most but would you rather I pull you up and show what can be than what is present in most countries and not acceptable.

There seems to be some confusion about this subject.

The Proper Governments of the world are stating that their citizens are asking for their Government to act on their behalf that certain content on the Web is not acceptable and should not be viewed.

The information that is not wanted does not include human rights but human degradation of children and women or pleasure. Also the ability for a person to steal our personal information, threaten us and demand or threaten and destroy a lifetime of hard work.

Why do we allow these people in our lives?

The Government has the power to force organizations to take down content just as Dfinity does here on this forum and if the law has been broken, personal details are released through proper channels which are the courts systems for prosecution on behalf of citizens.

I say we can take this opportunity to provide a system where the Proper Governments, who have all our personal details, anyway, keep it secure and not divulge this information to anyone.

That we as neuron holders on the IC don’t have to divulge our personal details within our neuron but are responsible to safeguard our neuron ID because of this fact.

That we as neuron holders agree that we believe in security for the proper neuron holders and not for those who use neurons for bad and evil purposes.

That we the citizens of the world can agree that each neuron must contain the passport ID that has been approved by our Governments within the neuron and the Government cannot invade our privacy of ownership as the passport ID can be a private field but through proper legal channels to prove a neuron has broken the law will need to subpoena for the passport ID.

I received a notification that this discussion was blocked yet this morning I received other comments and found that this discussion is still current.

I am lucky in my country but more and more my world is invaded by outside bad behaviors and just like you I look for answers but unless we take actions nothing will change.

We can’t work with many countries but we can work with those who show decency and morals. From there we may make changes for others to change also and work as a proper Government.

Having a passport ID on a neuron with Dfinity in a proper Government will not release any information to those who have no value in life but we can refuse those who have no values to stop from coming into our proper world values. We can then identify them and by not allowing them to pass through our world by travel or electronical when they have been recorded by law as being improper but we need a why of doing this.

I don’t claim to have all the answers but I can write a discussion on an idea I have and would like to explore. My news feed again this morning has more stories on bad people feeling it is their right to exploit others electronically and I am sick of it.

My suggestion here is about discussion and maybe from this a way of finding a path to a better world that we as people can build. You don’t have to give me an example of horror going on in the world but I would like to hear if you think this idea has merit or have a better way to extend this.

I didn’t put words into your mouth, I merely asked you a question. I’d love to have a reply.

Denis I did reply to you above and was thinking of you when I wrote it. I feel the same way as you, please read above and I am happy that we are talking

I read that post again, and did not see anything about Iran. I don’t want to paraphrase anything because you might say I am putting words in your mouth. I will only say that no two people will agree on precisely which governments classify as ‘proper’, and governments and regimes change, sometimes radically.

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Hi Denis
As a discussion if I name something directly it could break discussion rules so I can’t be specific and this discussion was closed but for what ever reason was reverse.

I will post my conclusion shortly and I hope you understand that for a country to request personal information of a blogger they would have to use the legal system to make IC release the passport ID by proving that the law had been broken which I don’t believe that a first world country where Dfinity is home to could convince the local court to their local area to release personal information from a 2nd or 3rd world with human equality rights issues. Please read my conclusion read.