Connect with me on LinkedUp!

Happy Friday, Tungsten devs! Anyone want to connect with me on LinkedUp? :smiley: :rocket:

:rotating_light: Please note: we will work to keep this up-and-running amidst frequent updates to Tungsten. If you run into an issue, please check back again soon!


I could definitely use some help broadening my network! Great to see LinkedUp running on the network and more excited to see what people in the forums have been working on.


A bit buggy but I think I managed to make some connections happen!


Updated link with the new canister IDs from 0.6.2 :upside_down_face:


link doesnt work for me :confused: probably due to the network update?

Yh probably… as it was working earlier :slight_smile:

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Hey Alexa, How would I create login credentials to access LinkedUp?

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@pattad If you’re seeing a username/password page that’s actually for Tungsten network access, not specifically Linkedup, so use those credentials first. Then Linkedup just has a login button to view your profile if I recall, which auto-creates a key pair and stores it locally in your browser.


Where’s my invitation to connect?!

I’m waiting for Tungsten network access creds. Pretty sure I submitted a request a week ago. Anyone able to help grant me creds?

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maybe @alexa.smith can help?

Hi @bengo, we are still extending access on a rolling basis. You should receive an email with credentials in the next few days. Thanks!

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hi @alexa.smith can i get an invitation for linkedup?

Hi @andrew did you submit an application for Tungsten yet? The canister is running on Tungsten, so you will need credentials to access.

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Has this been moved again? The link doesn’t seem to work :frowning:

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@cryptoschindler should be working now! :+1: We try our best to keep it up with new SDK versions and Tungsten network updates :sweat_smile:

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is this the current canister id @alexa.smith ? It works, but it looks empty.

@Litzi yep, that’s the one - the link noted as “updated” in the original post. You will need to create your own profile, and then you should be able to search for other folks who have made profiles. I find it helpful to search for single letters since we can’t see everyone who had made a profile just yet.

Hey @Litzi , I found you! :slight_smile:


Getting this error when I visit the canister at