Completed: Bounty #27b - NoKeyWallet - Rust - up to $10k

The private key never touches the canister, it’s just for the unit tests. If we remove one test there will be no private key in the crate at all.

We have this because we can’t do the tECDSA create private key call in our unit tests so we have to make a mock function.


I think that’s a good idea.

We just pushed the latest changes to the library.

From the previous time we finished:

  • Proper support for different EVM chains (so the transactions nonce are handled seperately).
  • More unit tests and e2e tests (including smart contract tests)
  • Work on the “No key wallet” example project to make it usable (probably most of our time)

Here are some relevant links:

Happy to hear what others think


We also deployed the starter project which is essentially a working “No Key Wallet”.

Feel free to test it out: