Complete: - Bounty #9 - Cover Browser Plugin

Do we need all of these permission? I have to write a justification for why we need each one:


Hi @skilesare . I have checked the list of permissions and reduced it by 3 redundant items.
Here are justification for those left:
“tabs” - extension creates and queries tab information via accessing browser tab API
“notifications” - extension sends user a notification about COVER status
“background” - extension uses a service worker to analyze web requests in background
“webNavigation” - this api is used to intercept and analyze network request on url navigation
“webRequest” - this api is also used to intercept network requests
Redundant permissions are dropped out in last commit. Please be aware that I have also updated a ZIP file in repository. I apologize for inconvenience caused by my inability to deal with chrome web store by myself. Thank you once again for this

Submitted for review! We will see what they say.

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Hi @skilesare ! Have we any updates from chrome web store team regarding new updated version of plugin?

I haven’t tried to update it yet. :grimacing:

Did you see the cover updates to 1.5? Does it break anything?

You should have received the bounty.

I have seen that there were some updates on Cover, however, I have not not spotted any significant changes. But i will check it once again. Hope that some canisters except cover’s own would be added to their registry.
Thank you, I have received a bounty reward