ckDOGE, Dogechain, and an ICP Dogechain bridge

Hello all,

Previously, with chain key technology, there have been discussions about enabling LTC or Doge token.

Our project has been approached by an AMM on dogechain to migrate some liquidity there, and I think this would be a time to open up the discussion on how the internet computer can ulitlze chain key technology to bring DOGE to the IC and maybe even IC token standards to doge. This would require not only the minting of ckDOGE but a DOGE wrap for current ic tokens.

This is the wrap/bridge the currently exists

I will post more technical documentation here as I find it but wanted to post this to get the conversation moving.


Doge and LTC would be great to have ck versions of. A BTC wg is starting up, and there’ll be some of the same issues.
I’ve given some thought to the idea of parallel chains for use in NFT gaming. In terms of NFTs, it would be great to update any information of an NFT held on DOGE with any information which a parallel NFT has garned on a ckDOGE chain without using a bridge. In gaming terms, a player may create a lot of data which needs updating, and updating frequently. The NFTs are used for a game in which the game company retains a parellel ckDOGE which is used in the ICP world, and is allowed to write to an NFT on the DOGE chain. Players can only buy and sell the NFT on the DOGE chain. ckDoge NFT gets written to frequently, so it takes advantage of more inexpensive ICP transaction fees. With information ultimately being settled on the DOGE chain.
This is a model which I have been working on. Ideally being able to add on top of collections which are already there.

There’s my thoughts.

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I don’t know much about LTC, but according to my trading history DOGE structure raised a lot of red flags.

The price fluctuated dramatically and I believe there is more to it than what can be perceived on the surface.

I wouldn’t want an unstable project that is on the mainstream to pollute credibility of the ckVersions or migrations of legitimate projects on the IC.

I’d want the regulators to settle down with clear decisions and guidelines before we move these projects such as DOGE to the IC.