Char type input in function is show as nat32 in candid UI?

In my function i invoke Char type as input, but after i deploy , its showing as nat32 in candid UI? Is this normal? any tips for workaround of it? I m requiring a Char as an input, not as nat32, thanks in advance

Char in Motoko maps to nat32 in Candid, because we want to support unicode and there is no char type in Candid.


thanks for the info. guess i ll try to find a work around it…

Candid UI is an auto-generated UI, so it probably cannot do better without specializing the function. If you write your own frontend, you can certainly convert char to nat32 in JS.

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im still inthe beginning of the learning curve, but i will try to do what you suggested, thanks, much appreaciated,