Canister Cannot Perform Self Call

Our token canister appears to be deployed and operating correctly, but when transfer in an asset

Transfer TENDY
Error: Failed update call. Caused by: Failed update call.
The Replica returned an error: code 5, message: “Canister 72uqs-pqaaa-aaaak-aes7a-cai
trapped explicitly: could not perform self call”

This error appears. Is there a solution for this? Currently assets cannot be transferred and transaction records are not updating

What code are you using? Rust, motoko? did you set up archiving or leave it null? How many transactions do you have? If it is around 2k-3k I’d suspect your archiving is off.

Hello sir,

So, turns out canister is was out of cycles!
Neophyte mistake.
Our team is using
To make sure this doesn’t happen again.

To answer your questions:
Motoko, dip20 standard,
Launched from a shell script

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