Breaking change for V0.6.9

Hi all,
There will be another release today with breaking changes for developers onboarded to Tungsten.
This release has some internal changes which require all onboarded devs to install and use the 0.6.9 version of the SDK, which is currently not public.

You can install this version using the following command:
DFX_VERSION=0.6.9 sh -ci "$(curl -fsSL"

Developers not onboarded to Tungsten will not be impacted. This release is set to happen at 3pm PST, at which point you will be able to install 0.6.9.

Please feel free to reach out to the team if you have questions or run into any issues.

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Unfortunately the fix for the default value when instantiating an HttpAgent in JavaScript did not make it in this release. This was reported by @wang here.

The workaround is to call makeExpiryTransform(300000) and add that to the transform pipeline of the new agent. The unit is in milliseconds.

Sorry for the inconvenience.