Boundary Node Roadmap

Hi benjmanable,

we are working on SEV-SNP enabled boundary nodes, but we don’t have a fixed timeline yet.

We have a first working prototype of requesting and creating the certificates and corresponding private keys such that the keys never leave the boundary node. The next step is turning this prototype into production-ready code.

However, we also need the right hardware, which supports AMD SEV-SNP. Right now, we are in the process of procuring the machines, which takes time due to the supply chain problems/chip-shortage.


Hi rdobrik

It’s great to hear that you are working on nodes to enable the use of other services. I think calling these nodes, as you suggest, integration nodes is a great idea as they integrate other/external systems/services in the IC.


I think brand safety should be set to a minimum (child pornography and a couple of unacceptable things), but if we are not against censorship and/or violence imposed at the whim of governments (such as gambling) What makes us different from AWS?


I agree. The current rules are too restrictive, and the rules should be set by the community and BN operators, not some dude at DFINITY.

@rbirkner @diegop What is the status on community-owned Boundary Nodes? BNs and nodes that can’t be onboarded by anybody in a decentralized way makes the IC little better than a slower, more restrictive, AWS.


Is it technically possible to add a VPN or other encryption to canister that doesn’t register the location of the user or puts them all geographically in the least restrictive country/area?

This is not how it works. The canister has no say in this. It is done by the boundary nodes, which are the servers that route requests to the right nodes which then run the correct canister code for that request.

You can read up on how the boundary nodes work on this page

Hi @Julianchuk,
@diegop provided a quite detailed overview in the following post: Content Filtering via Boundary Nodes

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Hi @Mr_Burkes

after wrapping up the custom domains, the team will start working on the new Boundary Node architecture. @diegop provided a bit more detail under point 2.7 of his post: Content Filtering via Boundary Nodes - #3 by diegop


@rbirkner Thank you for the update!

Thank you for a highly professional and very well structured response, also congratulations for doing social listening efficiently and finally for tackling difficult issues head on with the community.