BITCORN LABS PRESENTS: codename SHADOWMANTIS — ICRC1 import script for the nns

zzq4s-kwzjq-ood3a-vskmo-vq2rq-m5ce6-vhezz-lgrgl-mlbi4-rfgxr-aqe let’s try it,thanks!

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It Shows zero Mantis

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Ok I am
Sending now king

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Haven’t received too

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Not a developer but casually browsing the topics here… Would love to receive some $SHADOWMANTIS though.

Btw, thanks to all developers making IC ecosystem to thrive.


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I will do the needful shortly

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I was able to import the token canister!!!

here is the ID I got to receive the token


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Sending them out now

I got it! this is so cool!

I am new to this type of stuff. What inspired you to create this experiment?

My angeloid nft is stuck in my nns

Were you able to get the nft to show?

Lol no the angeloid is still stuck.

I’m hoping @chepreghy and I can discuss a method to produce a separate way for users to extract their nfts without diluting the nns

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There is no mantis


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Did you post a pid for your nns here?


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My alarm monkey is going bananas, and not the good kind! And about trusting the tendy dev… well, you might as well trust a cat to guard your fish tank!

That’s ok you don’t have to get one lol :joy:

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