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Yes, compiling regex each time will definitely waste a lot of cycles. I also started implementation with saving regexes by name. But this is not friendly API (requires to keep track of compiled regexes and handle name clashes)
Instead I decided to go with precompile function, which will store compiled regex by it’s sha256 in a hashmap, so any matching function could lookup already compiled version (or compile regex in place if cached version is missing).

My proposed API:

type Match = record {
    text: text;
    start: nat64;
    end: nat64;

type Re = text; // regex text

service : {
    "precompile": (vec Re) -> ();  // idempotent method, call during initialization or before large batch of calls
    "is_match": (Re, text) -> (bool) query;
    "captures": (Re, text) -> (vec opt Match) query;
    "batch_is_match": (Re, vec text) -> (vec bool) query;
    "batch_captures": (Re, vec text) -> (vec vec opt Match) query;

Should we support multiple patterns in the same call? I think we can skip this and go straight to exposing RegexSet in regex - Rust API, which matches several patterns in a single pass.