Awarded: - Bounty #30 - RLP - Motoko - $4,000

Update 1



First update since the start of the bounty last week.
Most of my progress has been related to project setup, cleanup, and running tests.
I have cleaned up dependencies and switched the test runner library to: GitHub - internet-computer/ Testing Framework for Motoko
I have ported the original test cases into this new library and I have added missing encoding tests from: go-ethereum/encode_test.go at 99be62a9b16fd7b3d1e2e17f1e571d3bef34f122 · ethereum/go-ethereum · GitHub
The test runner is able to run 26 tests - of which 17 pass and 9 fail. The test runner traps on 8 tests.
Total of 17 failing encoding tests.
npm run test will run all non trapping tests.

In Progress

I have begun working through every input variant type ensuring failing tests pass for encoding.
Once this is done, I will repeat the same process with decoding.