Awarded: - Bounty #28 - EVM Utility Canister - $6,000

Hi @stopak, I am working on Assigned: Bounty #27a - NoKeyWallet - Motoko - up to $10k and using this canister for evm-related stuff.

It would also be nice to support encoding a signed transaction. Do let me know if that is already supported through the current API.

Opened an issue for the same - Support encoding Transaction with Signature · Issue #3 · icopen/evm_utils_ic · GitHub. Do let me know your thoughts about it.

@skilesare FYI

Hey, It should be possible. I will check it and come back to you about it.

@stopak Any updates?

@stopak I went ahead and added the support in the canister. Opened the PR - Implement support for encoding transactions along with signing info by darkdrag00nv2 · Pull Request #4 · icopen/evm_utils_ic · GitHub

The e2e tests for transactions were failing as well. So fixed them as well. Please take a look!

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I’ve merged it to main branch. Already published to mainnet. Great work!


thx for this example :slight_smile: Any idea why decode_tx traps?

Can you send me the message you are trying to decode? I can include it in test harness and fix the code.

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I appreciate your quick response. The message hardcoded in the example is what I tried to decode.

Could you share your code? Maybe there is some issue with data formatting. Last I checked all the tests were green

I’ve fixed it, you can find correct version here: Internet Computer Loading

The candid file has changed from [Nat8] to Blob

Awesome, thx for this fix. Every bit helps me wrap my head around [any-chain]@IC.

It’s still very early days in web3. :milky_way:

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