Assigned: Bounty #44 - ICRC-2 and ICRC-3 - Motoko - $6,000

Thank you for the reminder. I appreciate your diligence. I will allocate some time to carefully review the new standards and make the necessary modifications to ensure compliance. Your input is valuable, and I will take it into consideration during the revision process.

@skilesare I saw that this bounty had been stale for some time at the beginning of the week, so I worked on a different implementation that keeps ICRC-1 and ICRC-2 as separate standards, with ICRC-2 making use of the ICRC-1 codebase for code reuse and compatibility.
These changes are compliant with the latest ICRC-2 adjustments for ERC-20 semantics for approvals.

You can see these changes in the PR I created here:

Furthermore, I’m planning to continue work on the ICRC-3 Standard based on the shared Draft.

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@skilesare I noticed that the Github Workflow to test Push/PR’s is currently failing, so I also submitted a PR to the standards repository that should solve this issue.

Once approved, the submodule reference will need to be updated to point to the latest version of the DFINITY ICRC-1 repository.

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@skilesare I have published a PR with the additional method required for ICRC-3.
I’ve kept an additional field for the Transfer type that stores the index. This is due to the way the Archive class is set up, and how it checks against duplicate transactions from the work already done by @tomijaga for ICRC-1.
You can find the PR here:

Should there be any questions, please let me know.

@skilesare can a vote be done to assign me to this bounty?

This bounty is currently assigned to @JingJingZhang9 and we are reviewing the submission. If it is declined we can look at reassigned, but it was completed once according to the proposed spec and then updated to the final spec. @tomijaga is currently reviewing.

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@skilesare any updates on the review process? No changes have been applied to the PR by @JingJingZhang9 since end of April, even after request by @tomijaga to merge changes from main ICRC1 repository.