Assigned: BNT-5 - ICRC-7 NFT Implementation (Rust or Motoko)


We discussed this in our call yesterday with the outcome that we decided that it is a good idea to allow to omit the spender in a transaction log when revoking token-level approvals. This has the semantics that all matching approvals with all spenders are revoked. Only one block is written in this case.

This should be what you were asking for.

Please also note that there has been quite a big simplification in the API: All APIs are now true batch APIs and the response is flat instead of having a batch-level error possibility and then individual errors. This should be much easier overall in terms of implementation, e.g., to track txs for deduplication. This is the current proposal, see the most recent ICRC-7 and ICRC-37 proposals, links are here.

Hope this helps! Please come back to one of us in case you have further questions.