Assessing governance & voting enhancements

Building off of @Manu’s point, if we’re talking hotfixes/patches, what about a model where there’s ~10 developers that have the privilege to review and approve a hotfix/patch, and that only a certain fraction of them need to respond in order to push out the change? Maybe there’s some sort of Pagerduty integration for these chosen few.

Btw, how is the DFINITY neuron currently managed for pushing out hotfixes? What happens when it’s the middle of the night in Switzerland and an on-call alert goes off that requires an immediate patch fix? A developer submits a code change proposal, but then does someone wake up the person (or people) in charge of the DFINITY neuron?

I can’t imagine that Dom or Jan are the ones pressing the accept/reject button on all of these proposals.

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I posted this in a different thread but realized it might be helpful to post the suggestion here:


One of them is always at the button. 12 hour shifts.


Is this serious? Just the 2 of them, with only one other person/level of escalation…that sounds rough for sleep!

Don’t they both live in the same time zone?

I believe @borovan was joking. : :upside_down_face:

Phew, good one haha!

Yea I remember this answer by you from awhile back

How do those neurons vote on urgent hotfix proposals (where they need a majority of the 9 to vote for the neuron to vote)? Are they all paged and/or alerted for every single one of these votes?

That’s still a lot of people getting pages :wink:

Quite literally, yes. They are all paged and they vote even at very odd hours. I am glad I am not one of them.


Thank you @rusty.scrivens, I think this is a great idea. In effect, it is a little bit similar to what I mentioned above but probably simpler to implement. Let me think about it.

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Hi @rusty.scrivens, I suggest that we discuss your idea in the first session of the (to be established) technical working group on governance & tokenomics.

Due to the focus on the SNS work (and holidays) I suggest to have the first session in September (further communication to follow).


You can also look at it as an extra incentive for those people to prioritize stability :grin: