Approve Proposal 56295 to show Increasing the Proposal Rejection Cost did not work

The goal of proposal 56295 is to test that increasing the rejection cost works.

If we as voters approve this proposal, the “test” of the proposal submitter will not work, and they will be forced to submit another governance proposal or give up and trust that the change actually worked.

If we as voters approve every governance proposal from here on out, we will be rewarded to do so in governance rewards.

Every governance proposal that passes does not incur a reject cost, so we will also be encouraging others to continue to submit more governance proposals, increasing all of our governance rewards.

Not a bad plan. Let me think on this. First sleep.

Hmmm…what if someone creates a governance proposal that states “increasing the proposal rejection cost of DOES WORK”. Let’s assume that it passes. What is to prevent a determined adversary from submitting the same governance proposal again and again; fully knowing that it will pass (and therefore little risk in losing 10 ICPs)

My overall point is if people don’t vote on governance proposal, the system is set up (correctly imo) to penalize them. This is what rational investors will do.

Let’s verify it
NNS Proposal ID 56430 (

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