Air Quality/Pollution Data Oracles on IC

How can Oracles “live” on IC? Or how can real world data be pulled into IC.
Would like to connect air quality data sensors from all around the world to get real decentralized air quality info.


Assuming that you can read the data provided by the air quality sensors, you’d have to compute it to the IC and from the IC.

Hypothetically speaking, you can have the data sent by the quality sensors somewhere in your system and have a process that pushes the data to one of your canister services.

Finally, another canister with a frontend (user internet) to allow you to access the data in a friendly way.

I think the most important part is how you get the data from the sensors into a system you can interact with and push to the internet.

The IC part is the easiest from my point of view.

Imagine the following scenario for a single location (forgive me if there are too many assumptions):

  • Location is Madrid
  • A raspberry pi + air quality sensors are placed over a particular building
  • The raspberry pi runs a cronjob from time to time (based on your decisions, for example, morning before rush hour, lunchtime, etc)
  • The cronjob is a process that fetches the latest air quality data in the raspberry pi storage
  • Once read an in memory, and if there’s an internet connection, another process pushes it to a canister (your IC service)
  • You grab your phone and through your browser, you type the Frontend/UI canister address and see the latest data

The data that you sent, includes the geolocation, datetime, etc, which you can filter through the frontend/ui/canister because you have a nice application for that.

For any other locations, you do the same.


Be sure to take a look at the Hypotenuse Labs Oracle Framework for some inspiration. This repo is a part of our (ever growing) Awesome Dfinity database.

We expect the community to come up with many different ways to implement oracles on the IC and look forward to your contributions and documentation!


There are about 500 million air quality monitoring stations worldwide and for sure more to come.
Would be nice to be able to put all that data on a decentralized ledger. Not sure the costs for accessing the data!
But what and how could you calculate the costs of cycles / canister on IC, is there any data on how to calculate costs or cycles per canister.

@brigon are you still exploring this topic?

If you have sensors and you want to send data to the IC, I have something that could help you.