A question for "8 year gang"

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Hey guy, all you need to do is selling all your $ICP token and never see $ICP again. That’s you need to do, if no, your life will be destroyed because of your fragile heart.


From the moment that you bought $ICP or maybe other tokens, you must know that it may be falling beyond your imagination, that’s crypto world especially in a bear market. That’s the market. It is you who made the decision, not dfinity, not dom. Only complain yourself could help yourself and grow up rather than come here to complain again and again.

It is your fault if you think buying $ICP is wrong!!!


@808mafia This post (like others you have posted recently) are not productive or helpful to advancement of the ecosystem so I’m closing it down. If you would like to help, you can actually join the token working groups not post trolling comments

I know it can be seen as harsh, but it’s my role to help the community have a healthy forum for deep discussions.


This is NOT harsh. I am wondering why this was not done sooner. Literally this person’s posts are POLLUTING the technical discussions.


Why let one person harass the developer community?@808mafia All investment decisions are based on personal research and decisions. moreover IC is a technology. It’s not simple to grow in the short term. I see that there are still many issues that need to be developed, for example, SNS so that projects can issue Tokens to raise capital and attract the community. moreover integrated BTC, ETH or Multichains. When these issues are not completed, the price cannot be raised. so if you are not patient enough you can sell the ICP and leave. Don’t spam to bother others all day.


For visibility: removed a comment from @808mafia which was off topic and generally spammed

It looks he is still spamming everywhere. You should add a block button at the user level.

Yeah, the Dev forum should be for mature discussions. If he wants to spam he should go to Twitter or Reddit.

I agree. Earlier today, I did suspend the user (after multiple warnings, including DM).


You can do that: If you go to a user’s profile you’ll see the same notification level drop-down as on a forum post. You can switch that to ‘Ignored’ and it’ll hide that user’s comments.