A DFINITY Employee shared Price Predictions with me

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

I honestly cannot tell if you got trolled by someone claiming to be a Dfinity employee, trolled by a real Dfinity employee or if you are trolling community.

Either way, it’s quite unfortunate.

I want to take you at your word as an honest actor, but I’m not sure what you think this post means in terms of actionable steps.


I think this forum should no allow price discussion


Your main take away from OP’s post is the price? lmao hello midwit

yeah censorship to hide your dying coin. anyway to answer @diegop , in terms of actionable steps maybe your team should stop dumping massive amounts of tokens on duped investors.

also explain why you chose to lock seed neurons instead of letting the market decide price. you people will get sued until you’re broke or in prison- either or both

Dear @diegop, I’ve read a lot about ICP from you at r/dfinity, and thank you very much for that.
For now, there seems to be a rumor that the Dfinity actually want the ICP price to go down so that the IC developers can buy more cheaper ICP because of the inverse gas model.
As a hardcore 8-year gangster, I don’t believe in this conspiracy theory. But recently I heard the editor in chief and product manager for the Dfinity community saying that the ICP price will be lower than $8.
I never believe that there is anyone who can predict the market price. But is this editor a Dfinity employee? Could you assure me that the rumor is indeed untrue?

dfinitycommunity.com is not related to the DFINITY foundation other than a number of people that love the #IC work there.


Thank you for bringing this up.

I honestly have no idea who this person is nor do I think they have any special insight any more than any of us. I have seen “dfinity community” tweets and stuff before, but i have not talked with any of them directly (very possible some of my peers have).

I believe they are using the term “dfinity community” in this sense is equivalent as me calling myself “CEO of Bitcoin Community”, as is common practice in the crypto space.

However, since the token is ICP (and the foundation is DFINITY), I think this rightly causes confusion. This is just one of many reasons why I believe Dom wanted to separate the foundation from the token (he wants DFINITY to be just one player in ICP, not the exclusive).

Let me reach out to them on that same twitter thread in an open fashion.


I also want to address this…

I dont understand the rumor, why would DFINITY people want ICP lower because of “the inverse gas model?”

Do you have any links to share with me please?

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Thank you very much indeed. That’s really helpful.

Thank you very much. Now I finally understand that.

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Tweeted at them openly:


I once argued with this man @ZillaOG3 in twitter, but he blocked me. I totally have no idea what’s going on.

He make me feel that the Dfinity don’t want more people to hold more ICP and don’t want ICP price to go high. I don’t believe him at all, but it does make me have to think about every possibility.


@kusiyo In all honesty, the questions and comments in this thread around price speculation are something for DMs/Reddit and aren’t really for the developer forum.

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100% agreed. I deliberately only addressed the confusion about “a DFINITY employee said X”

So https://www.dfinitycommunity.com is an official website for the Dfinity community but has nothing to do with the Dfinity? Yesterday I just recommended this website to someone in this forum: Followers verses Unfollowers. But now I am not sure that I’ve done the right thing. I’m totally confused myself. I think that ICP is not very much like BTC, for no one knows who is Satoshi Nakamoto, but we do know Dominic. If the Dfinity community has nothing to do with the Dfinity, there must be many ICP newcomers who will be confused about this. Maybe we should do something to stop that.

I’m not very interested in talking about price since I always believe that the market price will randomly walk.
But if the rumor is true, then it’s not just about price anymore; it’s about how to understand the nature of ICP as an ICP investor.

I still do not understand the rumor. I you pass me some links or ping me on twitter next time you see someone mention it, i would gladly engage anyone discussing to understand more.

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