$6 ICP Post Mortem discussion thread (Updated for May 2022)

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I personal don’t give a f…k abut price right now (8year gang, non disolving) - , I fallow quietly dfinity from 2019. I didn’t invest until june 2021 and no more that i can afford to lose. If this is you first investment just use with that or just take an ordinary job and get your life back . If you invest in crypto or and any other kind of investment , you have to take some risk.
BTW this is a tech forum, don’t bother tech guy with the price they don’t give a fk.
Sorry for my engrish, not my native language .


Internet computer has revolutionised the blockchain industry with the first OnlyDown™️ chart in crypto history

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I just have one question:

What is your intent @808mafia ?

  • Should I expect economic analysis from this thread as I have from previous comments?
  • Should I believe you have the IC community’s best interest at play?
  • Are you making fun of the ICP community? Gloating? Trolling?

To be honest, I know there is frustration at a bear market, but I am not sure I believe you aim to help in either technology or adoption. If you are… please prove me wrong.

For other readers, I invite them to see the history of this user and make up their own mind: Profile - 808mafia - Internet Computer Developer Forum


Catharsis, nothing else. I do the same, but on /biz/. When frustration reaches a boiling point it has to come out in some way.

I do wonder one thing though. Dfinity has great engineers and researchers on the tech side, but can the same be said for the economic side? Preventing a death-spiral is just as important as the tech; making sure hedge funds and vc’s can’t kill the project by making the chart look so terrible would have been a wise investment on Dfinity’s part. Honestly, I don’t mind that much since the dump meant I could get a stack I otherwise couldn’t, but this is a finance space after all. Tech AND finance.


To be frank, I can appreciate “catharsis.” That’s very reasonable and wise answer @InsaneClownPosse . (I just would not attack people while being cathartic)

Also, we have actually started to hire economic modeling experts snd researchers. @bjoernek is the first I am aware of.


Great to hear. I feel confident in the team and project in the long term. Today doesn’t change that. One final thing tho, to try to understand the mind of people like OP. When you have your life in order, especially financially, waiting 3 or 4 years to see a return on your investments is doable. When you are a poor NEET (myself included) it can get stressful to see value evaporate since it’s your only chance at ‘making it’.


@diegop This is great to hear! But does this also mean that there weren’t experts involved in the original tokenomics of the network?

Would love it if we can get an update through DFINITY or @bjoernek with respect to their outlook given the current macro environment, the network tokenomics, and the dissolve rate of early investor neurons.

Something akin to an annual earnings call for those who are invested in the network.

We can take this conversation to another part of the forum (different category) or a different social forum (Twitter, Reddit), but it’s evident that the “don’t talk about price” talking point is no longer valid as price is becoming increasingly relevant.

Even @dominicwilliams has tweeted somewhat emotionally about this, which doesn’t give me any reason to feel more confident that DFINITY has the cash reserves and the network has a solid economic model to weather a deep cutting bear market.

I love what you all have built - the current state of the IC and the roadmap are extremely exciting. However, some transparency on the economic side of the IC from supply pressure to a node provider rewards “price spiral” would give us confidence that by the time the crypto bear market is over DFINITY will be standing and there will be something left over to build on.

The first step of faith would be to implement the neuron indexing proposal by @Kyle_Langham which passed back in early March, and to allow independent parties to verify the vesting schedules of neurons to better predict price movements.

As long as we can expand access to this data (like any public company or non-profit in the US) and people can see the network economics and foundation are solid (with nothing to hide), investors will see the risk/reward and pile back in.


I don’t think any economic modeling experts or researchers can help.
In the short term, you can short anything as long as you have enough money.
Remember how George Soros attacked the Hong Kong dollar and how he failed in 1998. Obviously, Soros didn’t know much about Hong Kong, otherwise he would not fail. It’s not about the Hong Kong dollar itself; it’s only about the short-term power balance between long and short positions.
If the Dfinity really care about the short-term price fluctuation of ICP, then they should have a strategic analysis group to resist any malicious short selling. That is, the Dfinity need strategic analysis of price manipulation, not economic modeling for price forecast; there is an essential difference between econometric modeling and game theory.


I think I heard from an interview with the CTO that DFINITY has enough cash reserves to last them for at least 2 years. I might’ve heard wrong, but I don’t think the foundation is at any imminent risk of going under.

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By “first”, I mean “first of this current batch.”

Over the years, I have seen consultants, contractors, lawyers, and full time employees worked with Dom on Tokenomics. But I do not know much more (not my side of the org)… inversely, I work closer with @bjoernek now so I am more familiar with his work.

Fwiw, I followed up with the NNS team about this and it looks like it was deprioritized in resources over SNS so not fully shipped, so I think it was good call you mentioned it. Helpful urgency to the team as I do not think they intended to deprioritize it for this long.


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Dfinity should ban/mute @808mafia for obvious trolling on the forum.

  • Yes
  • No

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There’s some forum governance for ya

  • did this for fun but would be nice if they actually did take action if most of us said yes :stuck_out_tongue:
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@80 This post is not productive or helpful to advancement of the ecosystem so I’m asking you to please stop posting threads that are unhelpful, and often full of misinformation.

I know it can be seen as harsh, but it’s my role to help the community have a healthy forum for deep discussions.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

I have no idea what any of the sentence even means.

But please know that I will actively delete any comments (and ultimately ban your profile) if you keep posting accusations and pure FUD. This is a place per healthy debates and design discussion.

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Truly appreciate your patience and bummer that you have to allocate time dealing with this individual (seen several posts being made) whereas you could instead be doing something else. So thanks for keeping the community nice and neat.


You may or may not know about the Dot.com, the frustrations and death spiral that came from that. What did come out from it was the top tech companies today. I believe in this project and the price is not important and will one day reward us.

You are listening to a few when many don’t agree with them. I would like to see the ability for the nns to sell neurons from disgruntled stakers to others stakers if their so unhappy. This lower price is a great opportunity for developers and new business to come on line and we will see that this price will provide rewards in the future.


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