$10,000 to find ICP technology developers to develop an application

I want to develop a cold wallet on the ICP chain, the main functions:

  1. Create a wallet;
  2. Import the wallet through the private key or mnemonic phrase;
  3. Receive ICP;
  4. Transfer out of ICP;
  5. And the query display of transaction records under the wallet address;
    Developers who are familiar with the above technologies, please leave contact information, I will contact you, thank you

This is definitely interesting. The project needs it. I’ve been thinking about porting keysmith to Android myself. And implement a few points from your assignment. But there wasn’t time yet. What use cases do you mean, Web? or as a native application in the operating system?

I think at this point as Enable Canisters to Hold ICP is not set, and you want to import a private-key or mnemonic; I assume the signature should happen in the canister itself; you will need an external service that would broadcast the signed transaction to the boundaries nodes (as it would be a self signed identity).

Note that storing secret is not recommended as there’s no runtime encryption/isolation at this point of time;

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Ok. I definitely did not study all the nuances of generating a bunch of keys and sending transactions. I think that it will be necessary to spend time on this. If we discard the “transactions” items that were written in the subject of the message. Then for the security of generating (keys), let’s say the so-called “sandbox” is responsible for android, where there is a level of isolation and it should be as reliable as
use Plug IC or command line in linux?

what if I find myself to be the dev? do I get the $10,000?


If you can develop the above functions, you can get $10000

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hello I also want to make Android and IOS apps

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Haven’t done it yet. As for the native Android Kotlin\Java I need to port the agent and if possible other libraries. These are priority things for me. I touched it with the edge, but almost didn’t do it. Regarding the wallet for android: I understand that there is no way to implement this at the moment without an intermediate layer of programs. You might think, but I didn’t do it, there are other issues that need to be resolved.

Can anyone implement these functions

Did you find someone?